Welcome to Bodhichitta Monlam 2015 Live Broadcast from the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Thank you for joining us for the Live broadcast as Ewam Sangha members gather in Arlee, Montana for the Monlam 2015 prayers on the auspicious  occasion of Saka Dawa.

Download the Texts Below:
Tibetan Text- Jangdom
English Text - Semked Bumchod
Tibetan and English Text - Zangchod.

We are offering 100,000 Bodhichitta prayers for the flourishing of the collective merit of the world to pacify the disturbance in the elements of our world for peace and happiness. The purpose of the Monlam is to liberate all sentient beings from suffering.

The Monlam marks the beginning of a seven-day Sangwa Yeshe Drupchod retreat at the Garden. If you are unable to attend Ewam's 3rd Annual Sangwa Yeshe Drupchod this year but wish to establish tendrel (auspicious connection), please consider sponsoring a tsok. A tsok is a powerful gathering of practitioners who come together to purify samaya and to accumulate merit and wisdom. We do this by making generous offerings of food and drink.

By making a material offering with faith, devotion and a pure mind your dedication of material offerings and the blessings of the drupchod are connected. Vajra Master Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, Khenpos, Lamas and drupchod participants will pray that any unwanted circumstances be removed for you and your loved ones and that all wishes be fulfilled through this connection.

If you would like to sponsor a tsok we are asking for $350 per tsok, we will be holding a tsok feast each evening. You can sponsor a whole tsok, part of one or get together with a few friends and all contribute.

To sponsor a tsok, please click the donate button below and you will be redirected to Paypal.


You may also make a general donation toward the Garden by following the link here: